Baroque consolle and mirror Art. 995

We have decided to introduce our new models with a short historical signal of the period to which they are inspired; this because, in order to understand classic furniture, it’s important to know the historical and cultural influences. Ours is not a thoroughness pretension, but we hope to raise the curiosity of readers with an aimed cue.

Between the 1600 and beginning of the 1700 it happen an interlacing of artistic and cultural exchange in the European panorama. This has remarkably influenced the stylistic choices of the most important European contractors, and the principal directories of the models that constitute a real code of the baroque taste: a spectacular manifestation of art and absolute power. During the second half of the 1600’s, the style of the piece of furniture endures an expansion of the structures: the decorations grow, especially carvings. Our consolle is an example: a faithful reproduction of this style, whose structure is composed by luxuriant leaves of acanthus, whose rich details fill the space and the depth, which is a typical characteristic of the evolution of roman baroque style of the second half the 1600’s.

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