The classic armchair bring the atmosphere of the ancient courts in today living rooms

Classic armchair in baroque style

As a refined throne the classic armchair is the queen of the living room

An armchair is the true queen of the living room: its sumptuous and enveloping forms bring to mind the beauty of thrones and royal livings. The realization of the classic armchair begins from the study of the best examples found in classic styles that have made legendary the palaces of past centuries, those furnishings that still leave us breathless when we visit the luxurious residences that never fail to admire the structure and furnishings, especially the luxurious bedrooms and, of course, royal living rooms. Here is the classic armchair, made according to the rules and styles of those times, that succeeds in the difficult task of bringing even in today homes all that charm and beauty that give the character to environments.
The creation of a truly luxurious and perfect armchair both in proportions and in the comfort is indeed long and passes from one indispensable element: the careful planning. Only when each element will reach its maximum perfection the work will be considered ended and the new armchair will get the right to be a part of the furniture of exclusive living room.

Soft and enveloping, tall and regal: the different characters of the classic armchair

The choice of a classic armchair, as well as that of the entire living area, must meet specific aesthetic and functional dictates, which are of course the space target, the effect you want to achieve. If the Baroque models are distinguished by the richness of their gilded carvings, usually combined with rich fabrics and luxurious finishes, they reach very close to the image of the throne. On the opposite side we can choose the padded armchair in rich fabrics with small carved finials and with soft shapes, inviting to rest and pleasant conversation.
The choice of the classic armchair can therefore characterize an entire room, giving it a more formal and sumptuous or more welcoming and informal atmosphere, making it a prominent feature in the first case or as discrete co-star in the second.

The armchair and its role in the living room

The inclusion of an armchair in a living room therefore meets the specific needs of the environment: a sumptuous armchair, may be in shades of red and gold, it will certainly be a prominent feature, which requires be protagonist and then combines with other elements that can be carved and gilded, but stood as a rule of neutral finishes as the dominant color. In contrast, the classic armchair can be in simple fabrics or wood in its natural finish and so will give the opportunity to be more daring with the rest of the furniture, showing a very strong character.
Then of course nothing stops you from creating compositions and combinations of colors strongly characterized and entirely personal: and here comes in the field another very important element: thinking a lot about each element before passing the project to carpenters, carvers and decorators.

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