Classic lamps and the importance of details

Lacquered classic lamps

Classic lamps: accessories like soul of a full service

Classic lamps are an irreplaceable element in careful luxurious surroundings that pay attention to details. The lighting is in fact an important choice as from the point of view of the environment creation, and at the same time for the furniture itself. It is clear that the careful selection of classic lamps is critical because every room, for instance, living room, an entrance hall, a bedroom or a bathroom, should be perfect in every detail.
First of all, the light, this has the ability to shape an environment. It will predict different applique at strategic points, creating a soft, rather than focus on large ceiling chandeliers or even place table classic lamps or from the ground at certain points, so as to create islands of light. In short, the illumination of a room can really make a difference and this is true in every case, even when it comes to modern furnishings, but it’s even more true when it has to do with luxury classic furniture characterized by carvings, inlays , gilding that need to be underlined and brought into relief by the right light direction.
Secondly, it is important from the point of the aesthetic: it is true that the choice of classic lamps ensures that the environment will be consistent and coordinated, enriching with their presence furnishings. The rich details, the carvings, lacquering, decorations and gilding of the classic lamps create refined and luxurious effect.

Classic lamps, an exclusive handicraft production

Speaking about characteristics of the classic lamps no doubt they must present the same degree of perfection in order to suit to the furniture. That is why the classic lamps are rigorously handmade by their skilled craftsmen like the other pieces of furniture, and we select only the highest quality materials, precious woods, fine fabrics and shiny lacquer. Everything is done according to the ancient technique of the gold or silver leaf, in fact, ensuring that you adhere with a refined and luminous effect. Everything is done by hand, of course: because only a long tradition of craftsmanship can guarantee that our classic lamps are really unique pieces.

Classic lamps: carved, lacquered, always a sign of distinction

Classic lamps also follow the great classic styles, those that still admire us today in the most refined and luxurious interiors. Louis XV and Louis XVI styles are certainly the most popular, with their ability to impose themselves No matter if these are classic lamps from the ground or on the wall; they are able to give each room a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Whatever the lighting design choice is, the classic lamps of artisan production captivate with their shiny bright decorations. What is the final touch of these beautiful classic lamps? The lampshade is in a fabric coordinated to the color of the environment, of course. This attention to details means luxury furniture where nothing is left to chance.

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