Style Luigi XVI for a dining room of classical elegance

Dining room Louis XVI Table

The refined elegance of the Style Luigi XVI relive on shapes of neoclassical taste of the collection for the living area, that from the style in vogue drift its features.
The warm hues of walnut is exalted from the bright golden decorations, which, due to the dictates of art furniture production Style Luigi XVI, unroll on the lathed coloumns of the sideboard and glass showcase with shape of garlands of flowers, overflow from the big mirror like cushions of leaves and adorn the coping in soft cascades.
A furnishing which combines elegant essentiality and taste for floral decorations, taking inspiration from both the neoclassical tendencies that characterize this style as to never dormant echoes Rococò. Typical of Style Luigi XVI also the extremely refined inlays that run the whole length of the top of table, to blossom in rich compositions in correspondence of the soft curve, which characterizes the ends. The particolar refinement of the two big legs, moled so as to remember bowls decorated with flowers and Acanthus leaves, giving to the table all the stateliness typical of the furniture that adorned the most luxurious rooms of the ancient buildings.

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