Classic dining room Versailles Luigi XVI style

As usual is continuing the presentation of our collection “Vimercati Classic Furniture”. Starting from the historical brief, we will speak about dining room collection model Versailles “Louis XVI” style. This style had its evolution during the “Louis XVI” period in France. In the field of furniture and furnishing, during this period there were stylistic variations of shapes and patterns of the past. The recovery of the ancient, played by the eighteenth century taste, became a form of eclecticism and especially ambiguous coexistence between neoclassical shapes and rococo decorations.
The Versailles dining room collection is characterized by furnitures of great impact, rich in golden carving of handmade production, whose movements exalt the alternance of lights and shadows, fading in atmosphere of soft gradations, the shellac finish and gold leaf details characterize and enhance the natural elegance of this furnitures. The new “Versailles” collection combine at this way a very precise research of style to a rich carving style, that I’m sure, will be appreciate by our customer.
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