Villas furnishings: the new frontier of luxury contract

The furnishing for villas: luxury sitting room

Furniture luxury villas: how a project begins

The furnishing of entire houses, in technical term contract, is the last of the classical style border, which in this way is confronted not only with the furnishings of single or, even more, with the provision of one or a few pieces, but it takes care of the entire design of the furnishings of the villas, taking into account every aspect, from the aesthetic to the technical ones. If this compendium of needs is increasingly complex and requires the intervention of specialized professionals, this is even more true in the furnishing of classic villas, because here appearance should know the reception of seamless all the necessary measures to ensure the maximum comfort of those who use these rooms and, of course, their adequacy to contemporary lifestyles.
Furnishing of villas are entirely made in Italy and so can guarantee results of the highest level, especially when we speak of luxury classic furniture: everything born from an idea, from a need or inspiration then takes form in a series of furniture that seem – and often are – made for that specific reality. Colors, shapes, wood, fabrics, materials and lights mix up together to give a unique atmosphere. That is how the furnishing of villas destined to make their mark born.

The classic craft value in furnishing the villas

The furnishing of the most exclusive villas in the world, especially of luxury classic style, cannot ignore a fundamental aspect: the craft. And the craft knowledge cannot be improvised, because it is the fruit of knowledge handed down from father to son, from master to his journeyman. It is the result of months and years to make the knowledge of wood, its veins of gold and inlays. It is the result of failures and successes that lead to perfection, and perfection is achieved only when you can really give life to these masterpieces that become the protagonists of furnishing of villas that are really exclusive, luxurious and inimitable. Such is the classic craft value in the furnishing of villas and that’s why it is important to turn to reality that this craftsmanship – and made in Italy, is its highest expression distinctive feature of the furnishings.

Villas furnishings: so the technology is combined with tradition

If the decor of the most elegant villas cannot ignore the craftsmanship, a significant contribution, however, is now also the most modern technology, which does not replace in any way the manual, but sustains it, serving as a starting point now irreplaceable. It is indeed the technology, and specifically the possibility of a complex 3D rendering, which allows today to come to a higher level of the furniture design for villas: thanks to this instrument it is possible to preview what the outcome will be, so that the project should not only be imagined starting from the drawings. The furnishing of the villas, especially in contract version, today is the thing of a precise choice of every detail, every finish, and every model.

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