An eastern technique landed in Europe from the seventeenth century: the lacquering of the furniture

The lacquering of the furniture: an eastern technique landed in Europe

It is one of the most appreciated treatments today for both classic furniture as for those of more modern type, but when it’s born the practice to lacquer furniture?
Already in ancient times practiced in eastern countries such as China and Japan, this real art spreads in the west in conjunction with the trend related to these cultures and especially to China: we are at the end of the seventeenth century and so-called chinoiserie become estabilished throughout Europe, making fine show of oneself in the most elegant and prestigious social gatherings.
Just in Italy, especially in Venice, and in the nearby France the lacquering techniques arrive at a level of specialization such as to make the production of these two countries particularly refined.
Demonstration of this are the magnificent eighteenth-century chests of drawers of Venetian workmanship, decorated as real paintings on furniture: just the passion for the Chinese inspiration lacquered furnishings is after all one of the characteristics of the so-called european Rococò, that comes soon to acquire its own specific appearance, independent from the original oriental patterns.
But how does lacquered furnishing come to life? With a technique remained unchanged over the centuries, know-how, patience and not a few artistic talents. But about this we will speak in the next post.

An example of lacquered chest of drawers from our collections.

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