The intaglio: the manual art of shaping classical furnishings

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Intaglio and manual production of classic furnishings

One of the features that immediately catch the eye while admiring the classic furnishings are the intaglio carvings: wonderful manual creations that adorn each complement as original sculptures, from large king size beds to dressers and dressing tables, from banquet tables to showcases or sideboards. The carving, whether dominant as in the baroque style or just outlined as a discrete and refined decorative element, is an essential feature of classical furniture, which characterises and makes all pieces unique. Unique pieces because, today as in the past, it is handmade by expert craftsmen who pour all their knowledge and all their art into every complement that comes out of their expert hands. Vimercati stands as a top-level reality inside this great tradition which led the classic furniture made in Italy to make its way in the world, gradually gaining more and more fans of this style. Admirers want to secure not only the charm of classicism but also the guarantee of reliable and high-quality production, in which every detail is taken care of with heed and mastery.

The guarantee and the quality of a craft manufacturer

Always a manufacturer of classic luxury furniture, Vimercati can guarantee its customers all over the world the quality of those who make the accessories in the first person, following every step of the production process, still very largely manual. The technological support today serves to reach the levels of perfection, which the world of classical furniture particularly requires in the design phase. The workmanship is however still manual. First of all, the carving: in fact, one of the distinctive features of exclusive furnishings, suitable to furnish the most beautiful villas and the most sumptuous apartments in the world. They are the hands of skilled workers who give life to these masterpieces: chisels of different shapes and sizes give birth to delicate flowers, acanthus leaves wreaths, soft volutes that adorn the most different pieces of furniture. The wood, so worked and polished, is the absolute protagonist of these creations: left free to express itself in its natural colours or illuminated by the brilliance of gold and silver, it takes on new forms and meanings. It fills with awe the eyes of those faced with such a high artistic expression, the result of fully human skill and irreplaceable knowledge.

Decorate with finely carved classic furniture

Enthusiasts of classic furniture will know it well: admiring an environment furnished with richly carved accessories is a joy for the eyes, which willingly are lost amidst the soft curves of the wood. Within the most loved carvings, surely there is the bedroom environment: here the large headboards, which often combine a wooden frame with soft capitonné work, make carver’s art express itself fully. The motifs that adorn the beds are then taken up in the bedside tables, in the large dressing tables, in the dressers and in the mirrors: the result is regal, elegant, sumptuous. Other realms of carved furnishings are the dining rooms: in particular, the tables dedicated to receptions and banquets, which often stand on pedestals with rich and complex shapes, as well as the chairs that are their natural complement.

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