Luxury kitchens: how to apply the classic style to modern requirements

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Luxury kitchens: shattered the last barrier to the classic style

This luxury kitchen is really the last barrier to the classic style: it is a relatively new element in the ranks of the furnishings for the homes (in past centuries there were large fireplaces to perform these functions) the construction of luxury kitchens that inspire the great historical styles is indeed not a simple step, this is to combine skillfully shapes, functionality and features to an entirely modern look directly to remake classic.
But where does the need for luxury kitchens in classical style begin? Far from utility rooms, kitchens have become today one of the hallmarks of refinement and wealth of a dwelling. In short, it is not enough to have living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms. Because the furniture of a house is really completed when even the luxury kitchens harmonize perfectly to the style of the other rooms.
For larger and exclusive villas you also have the opportunity to make both the luxury kitchens and other service kitchens in unique style.

The luxury kitchens put on the great historical styles

So luxury kitchens in refined classical styles show the same characteristics of the furniture that we still admire today in the most exclusive examples of classical furniture of the great courts of Europe. Columns and carvings, gilded pilasters support the shelves of the kitchen, while delicate bloom flower arrangements on the panels, give the composition a fresh gracefulness. Golden details illuminate the compositions, creating delicate contrasts with clear finishes, which give breadth and depth to the compositions. The picture is completed with the prized marbles framework that can express itself in the different colors.
In this way luxury kitchens inspired by classic styles are dressed with all the wealth and the incomparable elegance of previous eras, and become an essential element in the house.

How to create luxury kitchens that are the quintessence

The first step to create luxury kitchens that represent the quintessence is never give up the element of the true luxury classic furnishings: the artisan craftsmanship combined with the use of high quality materials. According to the design and specific characteristics of the kitchen the furniture of luxury kitchens are done in the same style of the other rooms.
Creating luxury kitchens means not leaving anything by chance. In the hands of experienced craftsmen unique furniture begins its life.

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