Modigliani on a Vimercati Meda exclusive piece

Firstly, I would like to thank my dearest friends Flavia and Giorgio from Dialoga Arte – Gallarate Varese who, through the “Autumn Pearls” event have given us the opportunity to see exclusive models of the new Medart collection by Vimercati, set among the most remarkable masterpieces of modern and contemporary art as well as works of art introduced by masters of art such as Luca Alinari and Armodio: the emotion felt by looking at one of Modigliani’s pictures on the occasion of this event was an unrepeatable one.
Through this event, Dialoga has tested a new method of research and a new way of introducing works of art. The combination of artists whose genres, techniques and styles are very dissimilar enabled us to give our audience a versatile scenario, where our eye and mind could wander from a stroke of colour to different shapes to finally rest where we felt we belonged.
Please feel free to contact us at or dial 0362/70023 Monday-Saturday from 9a.m. to 12.00 and from 2p.m. to 7.30p.m. to enquire about our outlets where you can find our catalogue or for any further information you may need.

Good Job!

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