A blog for classic furniture

“I’m glad Umberto have entrusted me with the task of opening his company’s blog.
Writing the first post is always a nice experience and it is particularly exciting when the new blog is full of challenges and responsibility.
Let me explain better. Perhaps those who arrive on this site may ask: a blog? A blog of a producer of classic furniture? A blog of a producer of classic furniture from Brianza?
Actually is widespread opinion that the classic furniture companies are conservative, static, closed to innovations, closed to the web. Probably in many cases true. It is certainly not the case in Vimercati.
I think that this is the challenge: to dispel this myth by communicating the profound dynamism that animates the company, making it “public” innovation efforts, demonstrating to know to make the best communication on Internet.
From an external point of view (even if not completely impartial) we can see all the requirements: a web site that shows, no fear, the best of production, a group on Facebook (45 subscribers in this moment), and a purpose-built blog as an open channel between the company and its audience.
What to add …. Good luck!”

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