Villa in London

Strong colors for a living room-study of representation at the highest level

Villa in Moscow

The warmth of wood and the brightness of gold for a truly regal room

Villa in Dubai

The wood is free to express itself in its naturalness, enhanced by the clear colour of the pieces of furniture

Villa in Monte Carlo

A large and bright living room destined to recreation, relaxation and conversation

Villa in Monte Carlo

A large wooden table with crystal top and golden chairs for a majestic dining room

Villa in Nice

Luxury of European origin for a home played on sober and neutral tones

Villa Cannes

Collection Veruska

Soft bouquet of roses decorated by hand embellish a kitchen romantically classic

Collection Legacy

A luxury that makes in the rigor his hallmark: a kitchen based on the contrast white-gold

Collection Olga

A composition made even more imposing and majestic from the choice of bright finish

Villa in Doha

The wardrobe cabinet is expressed at its best in the contrast between the white and the black polished

Doors and boiseries

Here is the solution of how to dress walls and entrances with fine carved wood to give proper emphasis to the environments