via Calabria 30/32
20036 Meda (MI) Italy

Via Calabria 32
20036 Meda (MI) Italy
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Vimercati is specialized in the production of classical furniture made in Italy, and it is a company born from a long tradition of craftsmanship in wood processing and in particular in the realization of the classic furniture derived from popular styles in Italy and in European countries own at that time, taking direct inspiration from the most luxurious and elegant classic styles. Own characteristic of the production of classic furniture Vimercati is the attention to details and finishes: all the classic furniture of its production are in fact made in Italy and entirely handmade by experienced craftsmen. The items are all suitable for luxury homes and draw direct inspiration from the most beautiful models in classic style. Inlays, carvings and gilding that embellish these classic productions are also the result of manual dexterity and experience of Italian craftsmanship, as well as the beautiful decorations painted both on the classic furniture as - and especially - on scenic chinoiserie. The classical furniture Vimercati based on respect of the stylistic elements that characterize the different epochs, offer therefore to international customers complete furnishings for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and studies, as well as furniture and unique pieces ranging between different styles: from sophisticated carved furniture in Louis XVI style to the richness of Louis XV style, the regional styles such as the 700 Lombardo period, the 700 French period and the 800 French period to the inlays that will draw upon from the great examples of the Maggiolini, to the rigorous sumptuousness of Hermitage.