Luxury chest of drawers, collection Chinoiserie, art. 2090

art. 2090
Luxury chest of drawers of the classic collection Chinoiserie, made taking inspiration by the chinese sort in vogue in the European courts of Eighteenth Century. The soft shapes are enriched by golden carvings made by hand, that creata n interesting contrast with the black lacquering that characterize this luxury chest of drawers: the technique of the lacquering, revisited according the european realization conditions, is in fact one of the elements own of the so-called chinoiserie, or furniture made during the period Luigi XV that take inspiration by a rich and refined chinese art and at the same time idealized according to the idyllic vision of an exotic and fascinating world. Also the decorations, made by hand by Italian artisans, evoque oriental themes: in pastel shades, we see to appear on this luxury chest of drawers great flowering branches that stand out on a background of small islands, butterflies and wispy fronds. Ideal complement of this luxury chest of drawers are the great oval mirror carved and gilded, with motifs that evoque those used for the chest of drawers, and the beautiful lamp with black lacquered finish, embellished by the gold leaf details and great decorated flowers. To note the lampshade that combine to the plissè white fabric the soft hem in black silk.
Chinoiserie / Chinoiserie: luxury chest of drawers, art. 2090

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