Luxury classic dressing, chinese style collection Chinoiserie

art. 2001/NC
Luxury classic dressing of the chinese style collection Chinoiserie: a style that had great fortune in the courts of the whole Europe during 1700’s, in the so-called Luigi XV period, when a fantastic and idealized image of the East make way in the imaginary of the nobility, bringing to creation of real masterpieces that take direct inspiration by the chinese originals. To this experience take inspiration the luxury classic dressing table here shown, a rich example of Chinoiserie suitable to those who want to bring a bit of East in his own bedroom without giving up to the luxury of a craftsmanship realization of high level. The black lacquered finishing is enriched by decorations made by hand that draw fantastic exotic landscapes: are adorned of them the drawers, the lateral panels, but also the central compartment, in a continuous sequence of idilliac landscapes with great charm. To complete this luxury classic dressing table the great marble top, that supports the beautiful mirror with moulding richly carved and gilded. To note, next to the dressing table, the lacquered and decorated jar always of the Chinoiserie collection, perfect complement for those who wants to create a recall to the dressing table inside the room.
Chinoiserie / Luxury classic dressing table Chinoiserie

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