classic luxury living room 800

Living room 800, in the luxury classic style of the Italian craft production. The Living room 800 is presented here in an environment at the same time intimate, warm and of great refinement: the protagonist is of course the large sofa, the regal appearance of which does not go unnoticed, since its particular shape that speaks at the same time about classic and luxury style and the charm of short ancient. The shape of the Living room 800, emphasized by the choice of leaving the exposed wood, is made even more precious by golden carvings that characterize, in particular, the central part of the back, giving the sofa the appearance of a true throne. A feature that is also found in the two chairs placed at the side of the sofa in this composition, where, however, the notches form what in technical terms is called the cymatium, or that sort of “rosary” which is located at the top of the chair. The choice of rich fabrics and bright does the rest. To give proper context to the Living room 800 is chosen in this case to match it first, paneling, delicate and clear in colour with gold inserts, while in front of a sofa and armchairs, make a fine show itself, the coffee table, inlaid wood and carved. Note also the two high tables that hold up the lamps, painted in the style of Louis XVI with golden applications and the large floor lamp in carved wood.
Classic Sofas / Living room 800, in the classic luxury style

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