Room in classic style Luigi XV

A room in classic style is elegant and refined: the forms and processes are inspired and directed by the so-called Louis XV-style, or a classic style that had great success in the European courts of the Eighteenth century, fascinating nobles, dignitaries and royalty. The room in the classical style, Louis XV, brings back, even in the homes of today, all the charm, the elegance and the refinement of the furnishings of the past centuries: being a production of Italian craftsmanship, this dining-room in classic style is in fact made entirely by hand and each phase of its processing is entrusted to expert craftsmen, carpenters, carvers, gilders and as if every work is manual the final result is perfect. The carving and gilding are of course the characteristic elements of the traditional room in classic style Louis XV: it is enough to look at the two big feet of the table accented by lush acanthus leaves radiating out from the center, almost to wrap around the wood. The finishing in gold leaf then highlights the carvings, creating a pleasant play of color, and giving brightness to the composition. Worthy of note is the shape of the shelf of the table, the great protagonist of this room in classic style: this in fact is not smooth, but finely crafted in curls and swirls of gold, always hand-made. Around the table, beautiful upholstered chairs made of walnut wood and the backs are carved and refined fabrics, white to fill the seats. Also of note is the woodwork that is the setting for the room in classic style Luigi XV: a good composition in white and gold, can give elegance to the whole composition, without stealing the scene to the great protagonists.
Classic Dining Rooms / Room in classic style Luigi XV

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