Small cabinet Luigi XV, Chinoiserie collection, art. 2098

art. 2098
Small cabinet Luigi XV in chinese style inspired to the most beautiful european eighteenth century creations: the charm of the China and its art becomes estabilished in Europe during 1700’s, century in which we see a bloom of furnishings and architectural solutions inspired to the Orient. It’s a beautiful example this small cabinet Luigi XV, a perfect cabinet to contain for example a small bar: a solution of great style and luxury and at the same time functional. To characterize this small cabinet Luigi XV are the typical finishings of the furnishings realized during the Eighteenth Century and inspired to the chinese art. We start from the beautiful black lacquered finish, that give immediately an exotic appereance to the cabinet: from the base with marble top shelf start the four carved and golden columns that support the real cabinet. To note the rich golden details, from the frames that adorn the decorated panels to the ornament of oriental mark that decorate the lower band of the cabinet, to the festoons that adorn the upper frame, so like the marble top that is the top of the cabinet. Cannot miss then in this small cabinet Luigi XV the decorations typical of the so-called Chinoiserie, all realized by hand: here is so wonderful exotic animals alight on graceful bamboo branches, surrounded by clear waters and, on the background, wonderful pagodas that appear at the shadow of big rocks. Or even luxurious branches, with great flowers at pastel shades that peep out between the bamboo forests.
Chinoiserie / Small cabinet Luigi XV Chinoiserie art. 2098

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