Unchain Brianza: students from all over the world have lesson from the furniture companies

Also Vimercati one of the leaders of Unchain Brianza, a project that has saw the involvement of students from all over the world, to whom have been shown the industrial structure of Brianza peculiarities.   And what better than the furniture production can identify the very particular tradition of this territory?
Purpose of Unchain Brianza, workshop aimed to the students of Master in Business Design of the post-graduate school for the design and fashion trends Domus Academy and organized by Apa Confartigianato, is just to make people understand this specific productive structure, his characteristics and his peculiarities with the objective to increase the business opportunities. Recipients of the iniziative, students coming from all over the world, to whom have been presented excellence examples of the furniture industry of Brianza. A district moreover already known and renowed in the world, especially on the Russian market and in general on the East market, as well as in Arab countries, that recognize in style and classic furnishing made in Italy – and, even more, made in Brianza – highest examples of handcraft production.
Among the companies shown to the young men at this wonderful iniziative, also Vimercati: during the visit the students had the opportunità to see with their eyes how are produced these furniture, the artisan skills that are involved, then it was shown to them the showroom in which you can find some of the Vimercati collections, including those of the latest production: style furniture, realized following specific characteristics of each era, that have created curiosity and many questions.  Questions that all the Vimercati staff has been glad to answer with the satisfaction and the proud that arise us from the interest shown by these young people for one of the most important tradition of our territory.

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