Vimercati furniture at master craftsman Hirado Etsuza exhibition

Special thanks go to the master craftsman Hirado Etsuza (link, who on the occasion of the ceramic exhibition held in Ghemme, during the III International Congress of the bonsai school of arts, chose some items by Vimercati to introduce his ceramic works. Mikawachi ceramic ware also known as Hirado ceramic ware has been produced since the Edo Age (17th century) and his production is considered to be the biggest in Japan, where it received an enduring patronage by the Lords of Hirado Island at that time. Excellent artists and craftsmen created fine art for their enlightened patrons. The work is impressively uniform over generation and still succeeds. Hiurado Etsuzan XIV, today is highly skilled of lathe workmanship and makes dainty pieces of porcelain by all hand works.

Here are some pictures of his work.

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