The technique of lacquering: craft and artistic skills at the service of furniture

The technique of lacquering has ancient origins and involves a series of processes that still today are performed as well as once. To decree a lasting success over the centuries is the possibilità to transform each furniture in a real work of art, characteristic that makes this technique a beloved solution  in the field of classic luxury furniture. But how is lacquered furniture? First of all you must ensure that the surface to be lacquered is perfectly smooth and clean: any imperfection or p ...


An eastern technique landed in Europe from the seventeenth century: the lacquering of the furniture

The lacquering of the furniture: an eastern technique landed in Europe It is one of the most appreciated treatments today for both classic furniture as for those of more modern type, but when it’s born the practice to lacquer furniture? Already in ancient times practiced in eastern countries such as China and Japan, this real art spreads in the west in conjunction with the trend related to these cultures and especially to China: we are at the end of the seventeenth century and so-called chin ...


Natural fibers, water and some drops of cleaning solution_ so the lacquered furniture live a long

Some drops of the specific cleaning solution, water, natural fibers and care: so, in a few steps, you can take care of classic furniture making that  last a long time.    The careful selection of precious wood suitably seasoned for the Vimercati classic furnishing, the artisan experience, ancient manual techniques combined with modern technology make that are born furniture designed to resist for many, very many years, but how to keep them in the best conditions? With just a few, easy steps ...

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Walnut, noble wood for excellence, in the furniture tradition of italian craftsmanship

Walnut wood has now taken in the collective imagination a place of honor that makes it one of the most popular essences and makes it synonymous of quality, refinement, strength. But what owes his fortune this wood, even today much used to realize luxury classic furniture?  When it becomes the essence privileged for furniture designed to make the history of furniture?Belonging to the category of hardwood – together with other essences as maple, ebony, ash and mahogany – walnut combines q ...


Take care of a classical piece of furniture in wood: the virtues of delicacy

Walnut, cherry wood, mahogany, but also chestnut wood and oak that combine with refined inlays in boxwood, maple and ebony. Essences unique which, worked by the hands of expert craftsmen, create unique furniture destined to last in time and to cross the family history generation after generation. We have already talked about how the wood is transformed in a natural way during the time but day after day, how we must take care of a piece of furniture in classic style? With delicacy: this is the ...


Classical Furniture and charm of the time: wooden furniture like “traveling partner”

Created thanks to knowledges that are handed down from generation to generation, a piece of furniture in style is, likewise of antique furniture, a unique piece which encloses in itself tradition, art and the same essence of the wood from which is composed, that thanks to the appropriate processes give to the piece of furniture all the charm that sets it apart. But you can make sure that it preserve its shine over the years as when it came from the hands of the craftsmen who made it? The answe ...