Salotto Settecento, particolare del grande divano ispirato agli arredi delle regge del 700

Eighteenth Century living room: in the room revive the atmospheres of the most beautiful european realms

Eighteenth Century living room: furniture inspired to the most luxurious royal rooms A living room that seems to be done on purpose to furnish the luxurious rooms of realms and noble villas: a correct impression than ever, because the Eighteenth Century living room, with majestic and fascinating shapes, is inspired to the Eighteenth Century originals, century from which takes his name. Complex silhouettes, golden carvings, precious fabrics contribute to recreate the style splendour of the Eigh ...

Classic bedrooms: a very bright Luigi XV

Classic bedroom in walnut Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi: the luxury meets the night area

Classic bedroom in walnut Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi: the luxury meets the night area A magnificent example of classic bedroom in walnut Louis XVI style, that attracts for the refined complexity of its decorations: we speak about the luxury classic collection for the night area Louis XVI Noce e Intarsi, exhibited to the public during the fair I Saloni WorldWide in Moscow. The big protagonist of the bedroom is certainly the spacious king size bed in walnut: the soft upholstered headboard with cap ...

Luxury classic bedroom roman baroque style: classic carved night tables baroque style matched to luxury classic bed Louis XV style

The luxury classic bedroom dresses the purest forms of the roman baroque

Luxury classic baroque bedroom A luxury classic bedroom presented in the purest forms of the roman baroque of the Seventeenth century, one of the most loved styles to give life still today to the classic furnishings more rich and luxurious. A baroque bedroom is imposed in fact to the eye for its sumptuous shapes, the large carvings with a floral theme that by simple decorative elements become the heart of the baroque composition, the elegant gildings. Is no exception to these canons this magni ...

Classic style lamp

Classic style lamps: the perfect complement for the luxury classic furniture

Classic style lamps for the luxury classic furniture The perfect complement for a luxury classic furniture? A classic style lamp, that matches the one chosen for the rest of the furniture.Giving life to the new luxury classic collections Vimercati has so matched them to both table lamps and floor lamps in different styles, all characterized by precious carvings made by hand, glossy lacquerings and luxurious gildings.Here is then the lamps in baroque style, that distinguish itself for th ...

Art Decò collection – bed, night tables, chest of drawers and mirror Art Decò style – Vimercati luxury classic furniture

Art Decò Collection: the luxury classic furnishing dresses tones of modernity

Art Decò Collection The collection of furnishings for the night area signed by Vimercati is inspired by the eclecticism of the Art Decò, and it borrows its name from this artistic movement of the early twentieth century. Turning point between the big classic styles and a more contemporary taste, the Art Decò style takes life from classical suggestions, floral and animals motifs, elements of primitive inspiration, geometrical instances and shapes of the most different natures, leading to the ...

A 6178

The inlays of Maggiolini come back to life in a bedroom-tribute to the great cabinetmaker

Three collections for the sleeping area inspired by the greatest cabinetmaker in the context of neoclassical furniture: Giuseppe Maggiolini. By this extraordinary eighteenth-century Lombard artist the night lines Maggiolini, dedicated to him, draw on the taste for a refined inlay in night tables and chest of drawers that turn on of pictorial shades:so the garlands of the collection Maggiolini 791, come to life, and also the delicate flowers of Maggiolini 925 and the refined simplicity of M ...


The style Luigi XVI dresses the table for banquets and gala dinners

Four big carved cups support a incomparable table: designed to hosting elegant banquets and gala dinners, this custom piece of the collection Versailles with style Luigi XVI has been realized by Vimercati expressly requested from a middle East custode, with very special measures. To his one meter and 25 centimeters wide is in fact accompanied a lenght of eight meters and 20 centimeters. And if the measures of this wonderful custom table in style are amazing, not less special materials are ...

A 2170

Furniture Luigi XVI and the charm of the classical

The style Luigi XVI, to be placed in the wider phenomenon of classicism, is a reaction to the most theatrical Baroque style, which have made show of himself throughout the fifteenth Century, coming to impress also the furniture of the age Luigi XV. A decisive reaction, but without estreme stances: if the gaze is directed towards the typical features of classical, in fact, Baroque and Rococò echoes remain, giving to the furniture with style Luigi XVI a magnificence and an attention to the deta ...

Italy - Tuscany

Vimercati Classic Furniture at Hotel Villa Armena in Tuscany

We are delighted to publish first photos of our classic bedrooms in suites in the Hotel Villa Armena. Located in the romantic heart of Tuscany, only 20 minutes from Siena, only two steps from from Montalcino and Val d'Orcia, in a fairytale world. The prestigious British daily "The Times" selected Villa Armena as one of Top 40 New Hotels in the world for 2010.After a few months also the portal Australian "," recently voted as the best "news website in Australia of the year", decided ...


Classic furniture Art Decò style

The presentation of our classic furniture continues, starting with a brief historical outline: Today let's talk about art deco style of classic furniture. Art deco style can be considered an evolution of French Art Nouveau. This new style corrects the excessive curves and decoration of Art Nouveau to create a more contained and sober style, based on the use of geometric forms, graceful proportions and stylised motifs. The best known designers of Art deco love the simple, abstract, stylised shape ...


Classic furniture Vimercati at Hotel Villa Weißer Hirsch

We are delighted to publish some photos of our classic bedrooms in suites in the Hotel Villa Weißer Hirsch in Dresden, Germany. We have published some photos of how the rooms have been furnished, showing how Vimercati classic furniture, widely appreciated for its design, is destined to outlive fashion due to its quality materials as well as highly skilled craftsmanship, which are our distinguishing marks. Vimercati classic furniture evokes antique ambients and timeless elegance. For further in ...


Villa Armena Relais & Beauty Farm: rooms renderings

We have launched the new "Vimercati Style" section devoted to the classic furniture in the world also by mentioning an appealing venture in Tuscany, regarding the supply of classic furniture for "Villa Armena Relais & Beauty Farm". Villa Armena has a total of 10 rooms, all different from one another and divided into 4 categories: three classic rooms, a junior suite, five suites and a superior suite. As we anticipated in the post published in May 2009, we are now posting some renderings on ho ...


Furniture for the Home for Musicians Giuseppe Verdi in Milan

A new update is added to the "Vimercati Style" dedicated to Vimercati furniture. We have just signed an agreement of cooperation with the firm G.S.A. Mariano Comense, for the provision of some bedrooms in the prestigious Home for Musicians "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan. This important structure was founded by Giuseppe Verdi in 1899 to give hospitality to the elderly musicians. Perhaps many do not know, but you can visit the crypt which houses the tomb of Verdi and his wife Giuseppina Strepponi. Toda ...


Relais and beauty farm “Villa Armena”

I am pleased to open this new section " Vimercati Style”, dedicated to our products around the world. The first post is assigned to an initiative in Tuscany that, I believe is a happy marriage between tradition and modern furniture entrepreneurship. I am pleased to have signed an agreement with "Armenian Villa Relais & Beauty Farm" for supplying the furnishings inside the villa. As soon as work will be finished, we will publish the relative photos.