Classic tailor-made rooms: create an environment that is sewn on dreams

The classic tailor-made rooms

Classic tailor-made rooms inspired by the great historical styles

Create classic tailor-made rooms means to give body to dreams: a body made of precious fabrics, fine skillfully carved and gilded wood species, large shapes and majestic. The classic tailor-made rooms are in fact the environments that bring to life the great historical styles of the furniture, that for centuries have made a fine show in the rooms of the kings and nobles, popes and clerics, entering in the imagination common as quintessence of elegance, exclusivity, distinction and of course, luxury. A well-deserved reputation: the furnishings of these classic tailor-made rooms are indeed very high examples of richness that have the indisputable quality of raw materials combining traditional craftsmanship that borders even in the art.
The classic tailor-made rooms have never ceased to fascinate us with their wealth, with the beauty of their workmanship and refinement that is expressed in every detail: in fact, today more than ever becoming absolute protagonists of the most beautiful villas and apartments in the world.

The classic tailor-made rooms of artisanal creation

To create classic tailor-made rooms truly luxurious, one of the requirements is the artisan realization: this is how you can have really unique products, handmade like real works of art. The classic tailor-made rooms designed and decided in detail, are already carried out by expert craftsmen: first, the carpenters, who choose the best essences and shape them. Then it is the turn of the engraver, who with his chisels creates real sculptures on the surface of the furniture, or of master of inlays, a painter whose colors are actually thin sheets of wood, that are used wisely to create great designs charm. Then there are the decorators, who express themselves in the brush tip making every single piece of furniture unique. But before passing to the final stage, the polishing fixes the beauty of what was created.
The realization of classic tailor-made rooms is therefore a delicate balance between different professionals, who must be able to work hand in hand towards a common goal.

Designing of the classic tailor-made rooms

In addition to the handcrafted arts, one of the characteristics that distinguishes the classic tailor-made rooms and differentiates them from other products is of course the design: only thanks to a competent overview you can create classic rooms of great scenic impact able to respond fully to both the aesthetic tastes is the practical needs of those who will have to use them. The arrangement of the furniture, colors, floors, ceilings and paneling, canopies and other pieces will give movement to the room: every detail of the classic tailor-made rooms is examined from a part of the characteristics of the room and the house in general, the other from the surrender that the customer wants. All this is done to achieve a really functional outcome, handsome and tailored.

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