Furniture for the Home for Musicians Giuseppe Verdi in Milan

A new update is added to the “Vimercati Style” dedicated to Vimercati furniture. We have just signed an agreement of cooperation with the firm G.S.A. Mariano Comense, for the provision of some bedrooms in the prestigious Home for Musicians “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan. This important structure was founded by Giuseppe Verdi in 1899 to give hospitality to the elderly musicians. Perhaps many do not know, but you can visit the crypt which houses the tomb of Verdi and his wife Giuseppina Strepponi. Today the Home for Musicians “Giuseppe Verdi” houses, in addition to older musicians, some young people who came to Milan to learn the art of music. The Rest Home, in addition to offering basic services, is managed in accordance with the desire of its founder: to provide for those who love music, a place to grow old gracefully. We are honored to contribute to this important dream.

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