Wired Next Fest: Vimercati company holds a lesson on the meeting between tradition and technology.

Wired Next Fest 2015: there are also classic furniture of Vimercati company.

There will also be classic furniture of Vimercati company at the Wired Next Fest 2015 in Milan [website link http://nextfest2015.wired.it/events/what-wonderful-3D-world/]: in this occasion there will be our sales manager Mr. Umberto Vimercati between speakers at the Conference “What a wonderful 3D world”, to be held on May 24th at Giardini di Porta Venezia in Milan.
To make the proposal of Vimercati company so particular extending to them the participation in this event, there are two elements really special: the first one, of course, the exclusivity of its products, a true expression of the craftsmanship and art that made the furniture “made in Italy” a synonymous of quality, luxury and elegance worldwide.
In addition to the manual skills and to the craftsmanship the Vimercati company was able, however, to match even the most modern technologies and it is here that resides the second element of distinction of the company: the projects will be developed with the help of render and engineering tools of product at the highest level, thus demonstrating that tradition and innovation are not two terms in contrast, but rather the way to the future.
To attend to the event the reservation is required.

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