Big, bright, in shades of gold and white: here is the new showroom

Wide spaces, enlightened by shades of white and by the twinkle of gold: September open again with an important change for Vimercati and for all the lovers of classic furniture and style furnishings, the showroom completely renewed. Waiting to introduce you the new collections  some will be a real surprise for those who already know our rich production of furnishings made and hand-carved according to the great style of the past centuries Vimercati took advantage of the summer break to put the final touches to the new exhibition space.
Adjacent to the productive building, where you can touch with hand the processing furniture and you can be captured by the curiosity to see how these furniture embellished with magnificent carvings and gildings are born, in the showroom is possible admire the most beautiful Vimercati creations, the new collections, the trends on which we wanted to bet for the coming months.
Big Boiserie en light rooms consecrated to an elegant luxury and timeless, that find the own reason for being in the big Italian artisan experience, in the hand carvings, in the golden that embellish little and big details, in furnishings that now are hark back faithfully to the codified styles, now to them they are inspired to launch themselves into new appearances, new solutions.
New Vimercati showroom is waiting for you in Meda, in Italy: contact u sto visit our collections!

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