The classical furniture on the panorama of eighteenth century Lombardo

To be ascribed in the wider panorama of Neoclassicism, the style of eighteenth century Lombardo presents peculiar characteristics, closely related to the historical period and the artistic ferment that characterized  especially Milan in the second half of the century. While in France was increasing the style Louis XVI, Italy was divided between French wire trends strong above all in the border regions, as Piemonte and Liguria, and the most original experiences that characterized in particular just Veneto and Lombardia production.
And it is precisely in Lombardia that also the production of Italian neo-classical furniture find a scope of particular expression, and especially thanks to the presence of figures of foreground as the decorator Giocondo Albertolli, the architect Giuseppe Piermarini, great designers of ornamental elements for furniture as Giuseppe Levati, besides the above mentioned Giuseppe Maggiolini, unequaled master of inlay.
If a Piermarini with his projects of furniture and furnishings profoundly influences Lombard cabinetmakers of the eighteenth century, the creations of the Albertolli are deeply related to the purest forms of classicism, with furniture inspired to the antique models, while Levati is distinguished by his propensity to combine the passion for oriental decorations with the neoclassical taste and Maggiolini realizes inlaid furniture like real wooden frameworks.
To this great season of classic furniture Lombardo Vimercati has dedicated a collection of furnishing for the sleeping area characterized by simple geometrical shapes, by the preponderance of inlays, on discretion and elegance of the details, on the presence of compartments and drawers that open revealing unexpected spaces.

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