Furniture classic living room Venice: the warmth of wood, the elegance of the style

Furniture classic room Venice: the big table

Furniture classic living room: collection Venice in Louis XV style

The decor of the classic living room may seem like a simple challenge, but it is not so: because the end result is up to expectations, in fact, it is necessary that each element fits in perfectly with the others, so that glance, the final return to the image of an elegant, coordinated, luxurious yet lively and interesting. These are the guiding principles for the realization of the furnishings for the room, classic collection, Venice, in the style of Louis XV: the environment played on neutral and pleasant tones, it is at the same time very motivated and welcoming, also thanks to the choice of a boiserie in the same time discrete and much characterized. Just need to look at the frame which decorates the upper part, with refined insert gold, but also the panels, structured on several levels and of different colors of tone-on-tone, which give movement and three-dimensionality to the walls.
The attention to details like these makes furniture for classic living room Venice, a choice of luxurious and style, designed for environments that want to be comfortable without losing anything in the distinction and refinement.

Furniture for the classic living room: traditional carvings and decorations for a choice of luxury

We were talking about the details that distinguish the furniture for classic living room Venice: you will not notice then processing that makes unique each piece that composes it. Let’s start from the table, placed at the center of the composition: its shape is characterized by a trend of moderate, in which the curves most daring are accompanied by a soft roundness, all highlighted by the beautiful leaves, carved and gilded, that seem to embrace around the table. The legs, from the curvature, are then embellished with other gilded carvings, all hand-crafted Italian. By moving the gaze to the floor, we have a part to notice the beautiful frame with two-tone finish with gold-leaf and silver leaf, the other thing to admire is the decoration on the central alternating geometric and floral motifs. The decorations, like every other working – from carpentry to carving, from the design to the lacquer finish – are made by hand by expert Italian craftsmen and give therefore, to each piece the status of a unique piece.
Around the table there are the chairs with seat and backrest upholstered furniture, also carved, and played on shades of white and gold.
To complete the furnishing of the classic living room Venice there are other pieces of great impact: we find here, for example, the beautiful showcase with four doors, embellished not only by carvings and decorations that coordinate to those already seen for the table, but also by the beautiful columns adorning the sides and the central part.
The same finishes for the luxury cupboard, in this composition with a large mirror with carvings on the floral theme.

Furniture for the classic living room: white and gold being the protagonists, but with a personal touch

If the furnishings for the classic living room Venice speak only to the eyes and to the heart, a few words are to be spent for those items, expertly paired with pieces of furniture of the collection, that help to give a character to the composition. The most obvious is without any doubt the console table in the baroque style, a piece very rich in the craftsmanship of Italian artisans and the main thing to pay attention to is the presence of large impact, here in the silver finish and blue.
Among the elements of this decor for the classic living room you will find a nice coffee table in walnut with a lamp in a lacquered collection Chinoiserie, another lamp of the geometric shapes and square with black varnish, and the beautiful cup in the center of the table.
It is just the perfect combination of pieces of the collection and elements that are foreign to it give to this decor of the classic living room personality and exclusivity.

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