Elegance and functionality meet in luxury office furniture

Luxury office furniture Impero style

Luxury office furniture: furnish with style the work space

The choice of luxury office furniture it’s certainly not a matter of easy solution, especially if you desire to combine the elegance of classic style also to the luxury.
Here then a sequence of proposals of suitable luxury office furniture in classic style, both if the space is a real work space inside a commercial or directional structure, or is a room inside a home.
A sequence of solutions able to combine the own characteristics of the most beautiful style furnishings and the comfort o fuse of the modern compositions, thanks to a series of techincal devices really able to make more easy and pleasant the working activities: so, just that you await from real luxury office furniture!

Luxury office furniture Ermitage: the elegance of Impero style

They are Impero style the luxury office furniture of the Ermitage collection: the great mahogany writing desk with leather top and brass decorations allows a high comfort of use thanks to the largness of the top and the central indentation that allows a correct insertion of the armchair.
This, in upholstered swivel or fixed version, is realized in the same style and allows to work with all comfort and with a correct posture. Matched to the writing desk there is also the writing table, that makes the function of peninsula often present in writing desks of modern concept and allows to take advantage of a still larger workspace.
To note in all the luxury office furniture, from the writing desk to the writing table, from the armchairs to the glass showcase to the sideboard, the own characteristics of the furniture Impero style, or that style brought to the top by Napoleone, who loved the rich decorations of classic mould: solid and Majestic, the furniture in this style prefer exactly the use of mahogany embellished by bronze applications. In the furnishings of this style one of the most common is precisely the writing desk, both in the version of the bureau plat – as in this case – as in that of the bureau mécanique one.

Luxury office furniture Louis XV with carvings and inlays

Of great impact also the luxury office furniture Louis XV style characterized by refined inlays and carvings with gold leaf finish.
The writing desk presents a curved line, sinuous, as typical of this style, enriched with carvings made by hand by Italian artisans: a luxury craftsmanship manufacturing, as well as that of the inlay.
To note also the three great leather inserts on the top, that dress of elegance even the working moments.
Matched to the writing desk Louis XV style, as seen for that Impero style, the elegant writing table to use as added space or also as foothold for possible colleagues in case of meeting or for other working necessity.
These luxury office furniture form a solution of great elegance and viewing impact, suitable for everyone who want to distinguish with refinement.

Luxury classic office furniture: the elegance of strictness

Never go out of fashion the rigorous and squared shapes, but lightened by the brightness of the golden carvings made by hand, as in the luxury office furniture of classic type, characterized by a majestic impact, solid but moved.
The great writing desk, available with and without peninsula, is distinguished in fact for its imposing presence, strong, but refined by a sequence of fine and elegant devices. Here then the play of volumes, that contribute to make moved the surface thanks to some embossed or escavated parts, jutting elements, frames, little columns, tops with different heights.
To make bright the composition, here then the golden borders around the panels and the beautiful carved leaves with gold finish that decorate the lateral columns of classic type.
To note, always on the writing desk panels, the fine inlays at floral theme: are at the end just these details and attentions that characterize the luxury office furniture!

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