Natural fibers, water and some drops of cleaning solution_ so the lacquered furniture live a long

Some drops of the specific cleaning solution, water, natural fibers and care: so, in a few steps, you can take care of classic furniture making that  last a long time.    The careful selection of precious wood suitably seasoned for the Vimercati classic furnishing, the artisan experience, ancient manual techniques combined with modern technology make that are born furniture designed to resist for many, very many years, but how to keep them in the best conditions?
With just a few, easy steps.   To clean the dust, just pass the furniture with the supplied cloth – or otherwise made from cotton squares covered, linen or wool, better if already used and washed – on which must be sprayed few drops of the specific cleaning solution, moving on the surface in the longitudinal direction.    If the cleaning solution is not available, don’t worry: the water is fine.    The same process for the grease stains, moving the cloth only on the interested side of the furniture, avoiding excessive chafing to not spoil the lacquering and moving always in longitudinal direction. Attention: the grease stains on furnishing must be removed as soon as possible to prevent it go deep into the wood. Water or specific solution should not be sprayed directly on the furniture and the surfaces shall not be left wet for too long.
For the rest, the finish used for lacquered furniture doesn’t need any maintenance product: should therefore be avoided wax or other substances that could cause stains and spots.   To cover the furnishing, for example to protect it from dust, shock or sketches, must be used cotton towels, linen or otherwise natural fibers, while it’s important to keep the furniture far from sources of heat, from direct rays of the sun and protected from excessive moisture.  A few simple rules to enjoy your wooden furniture  for a long time, from generation to generation.

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