Furniture project for classic luxury contract: here are the projects signed Vimercati

  • Contract furniture design of classic luxury Villa Montecarlo

Furniture project for classic luxury contract: a new website for the presentation

The planning of furniture contract is the new frontier in the field of classical luxury: by the union of ancient techniques and the latest technology was born in fact the opportunity to set up complete environments really tailored for the customer by creating unique projects of high quality.
Vimercati immediately accepted the challenge of designing contract furniture, acquiring all the necessary technology and finding the perfect match with the traditional techniques that distinguish its furniture: the most beautiful examples of this activity are collected in a new website dedicated to “contract project” [link]: in these projects you can find not only furniture but also the floors, the doors and the boiserie that are designed and produced by skilled craftsmen of Vimercati, thus proving that the union of technology and the human artistic ability can reach up the transformation of the proverbial dream that come true.

Furniture projects for classic luxury contract: visit the web site

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