Classic luxury living rooms: when beauty sits on the sofa

Classic luxury living rooms: the living room of the Nineteenth century

Classic luxury living rooms: the exclusivity of the Italian craft production

The classic living rooms are one of the productions most popular in the field of classic luxury: especially for the living rooms of representation that are, in fact, a card of great importance, the perfect place to receive guests, for a pleasant conversation, but also to relax with friends and family. The great tradition of Italian craftsmanship in the production of luxury furniture has reached the highest peaks in every sector and is certainly not the exception to the classic: the great experience of Italian craftsmen distinguish the classic living rooms, that stand for great quality, thanks for the choice of woods and finishes and the design and of course for All the craftsmanship with which they are produced. These are the features distinctive and inimitable, which makes these lounges the classic of the unique products on the market, intended to furnish the stays of the most beautiful villas all over the world.

Classic luxury living rooms: the most elegant collections

The classic living rooms, therefore, are a high example of craftsmanship and elegance: two principles which the Company does not in any way ever, gracing the contrary, to make of the style, the hallmark of their productions. It is enough to admire unique collections of classic proposals to realize already at the first sight of the exclusivity that characterizes them. The allusion to the great styles of the classic is always present and acts as a distinctive feature: including the different classic, one that best represents the appeal to the great styles of the past centuries is certainly the luxurious Living room of the Baroque. Rich gold carvings surround the precious fabrics of sofas and armchairs similar to real thrones.
Other classic living rooms surely worthy of note is the majestic Living room of the Nineteenth century or the wrap-around Living room of the Eighteenth and the Living room of Venice, but also other collections of classic luxury in the catalog Vimercati: all, in fact, have the distinctive elements that distinguish the true classics of luxury: we speak of a fully manual and fully performed in Italy elaborations, the use of wood and fabrics of the highest quality, attention to detail and the skill with which carvings, inlays and gilding are made of. These are all properties that are essential for the classic luxury living rooms.

Classic luxury living rooms: the complements that make the difference

Speaking of classic luxury living rooms, you cannot handle without the accessories that make the difference: in fact sofas and chairs are without a doubt the major protagonists of the classic, as it should be, a stay would not be complete without the right accessories. The glass-case or the beautiful console classic, first of all the console baroque, with rich carvings, gold or silver. Or, again, you can opt for a set of accessories more discreet: they can be low coffee tables placed at the center, high tables on which for example, carved or lacquered lamps or even large floor lamps, always lacquered and carved can be placed. Whatever will be the choice, however, it is necessary to remember that they are often the accessories that make all the difference in the classic and must, therefore, be chosen to be a coordinated part to the living room, and on the other that they should be of the same quality and aesthetic of the living room.

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