Style ‘800 francese – Luigi Filippo – Art. 279

As usual we are presenting our articles, starting from a short historic introduction: today we talk about the collection of the Camera ‘800 Francese Luigi Filippo. This style was developed in France (1830 – 1848) during Luigi Filippo’s reign, proclaimed king of French after the Revolution. This style is in substance an exagerate version of the Style Luigi XV, recuperate in the taste for the fuirniture of big dimensions, characterized by curved legs and fully decorated. With this collection we wanted to render the stilistic shapes of the tradition, koining lines that enrich the volums softly curved of the tops with the precious inlays on drawers. Also the technique that we use for the finish, that is the manual work whit shellac and wax, is taken from the antique ebanistic tradition. The use of natural materials enable to obtain an extremely soft finish. Tradition and tecnique join together to create a classic and elegant collection.

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