The style Luigi XVI dresses the table for banquets and gala dinners

Four big carved cups support a incomparable table: designed to hosting elegant banquets and gala dinners, this custom piece of the collection Versailles with style Luigi XVI has been realized by Vimercati expressly requested from a middle East custode, with very special measures. To his one meter and 25 centimeters wide is in fact accompanied a lenght of eight meters and 20 centimeters. And if the measures of this wonderful custom table in style are amazing, not less special materials are used to give shape, all prized: myrtle briarwood, walnut shellac finish, gold leaf details.
Craft techniques borrowed from the ancient cabinet makers allowed to reach the usual results of highest quality and fidelity to Luigi XVI style, characterized by motifs taken from the arts Greek, Egyptian and Roman joined to the suggestions of the Italian Renaissance: it was thanks to a long tradition in the field of realization of custom classical furnishings that it was possible to give answers to the inevitable technical questions that a technical realization like this entails, to give to the custode a product perfect in every particular and studied down to the smallest details. The result, elegant furnishings in shapes inspired by the concepts of harmony and balance, enriched by inlays and florar carvings hand made that unfold like soft garlands.

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