Take care of a classical piece of furniture in wood: the virtues of delicacy

Walnut, cherry wood, mahogany, but also chestnut wood and oak that combine with refined inlays in boxwood, maple and ebony. Essences unique which, worked by the hands of expert craftsmen, create unique furniture destined to last in time and to cross the family history generation after generation. We have already talked about how the wood is transformed in a natural way during the time but day after day, how we must take care of a piece of furniture in classic style? With delicacy: this is the principle that we should never forget.
No harsh solvents, alcohol, silicone or devices steam, that could turn off the natural lighting of shellac irreparably. Specific products for wooden furniture and cotton squares covered, linen or other natural fibers are the better way to clean them: also in case you had to cover them, it will therefore be good to choose fabrics of the same materials. Few drops of clean liquid on the appropriate cloth will be enough to remove dust and the handprints or the anointed, while to clean corners and carvings you can use a paint brush with natural bristles. The best guarantee for a long life, in addition to having the adroitness to keep furniture away from direct sunlight or moisture excessive, is to remember to spread a thin layer of pure beeswax, to apply with a thin woolen cloth in the direction of the wood grain. Repeat this step about every three months, especially on horizontal surfaces and more exposed to the use, keeps the wood shining and makes the work of daily cleaning easy.

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