Art Decò Collection: the luxury classic furnishing dresses tones of modernity

Art Decò collection – bed, night tables, chest of drawers and mirror Art Decò style – Vimercati luxury classic furniture

Art Decò Collection

The collection of furnishings for the night area signed by Vimercati is inspired by the eclecticism of the Art Decò, and it borrows its name from this artistic movement of the early twentieth century. Turning point between the big classic styles and a more contemporary taste, the Art Decò style takes life from classical suggestions, floral and animals motifs, elements of primitive inspiration, geometrical instances and shapes of the most different natures, leading to the realization of furnishings (but also architectures, famous in this sense the Chrysler Building of New York) of great scenic impact.

Though born around 1910, the Art Decò had its final initiation in 1925 during the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, from which Art Decò, exactly. In the eclecticism that characterizes this style – also marked in a special way by the use and combination of different materials – stands out especially the refinement of the French cabinetmaking, in those years in the cutting edge of the taste in different fields of furnishing and fashion: just the elegance combined with a certain desire to dare, to break with the moulds of past and to experiment new shapes and new solutions shape then the Art Decò collections that come to life in those years, marking the greatest splendor of this style as modern as fascinating.

Characteristics that we find again also in the Vimercati Art Decò collection, that combine the soft and rounded shapes of chests of drawers and night tables of still classical mould, but at the same time characterized by higher cleanliness and sobriety, to the strong contrast between white and silver of the finish, that invokes the glimmering of the alulminum and steel, materials so dear to the Art Decò. Always regarding materials, to note the imposing capitonné leather bed, also in this case in contrast with the silvered finish of the wooden hand carved parts, and the white and silver large oval mirror.

The best examples of the Art Decò collections so find again new life in an original interpretation, never expected and will remain of fresh modernity also over the years, combining the quality and the high craftsmanship of the luxury furnishings to the modern and bright lines.

The furnishing of the Art Decò collection are handmade in Italy by expert artisans, as in the big tradition of luxury classic furnishing that all along characterize Vimercati.


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