The culture of style: art and tradition in the design of classic furniture

  • The culture of style: the classic piece of furniture

The design of classic furniture between creativity and tradition: this is how a unique style is born

A piece of furniture of classical inspiration can be recognised at first glance: the beauty of the details, the carvings that run on the surfaces, the brightness of the gold and silver details, the refinement of the inlays decorating the furnishings like delicate paintings in which the different essences are the colours. It is in classic furniture that craftsmanship can be shown at its best: that unique ability, handed down from generation to generation to give elegance, charm and refinement to every piece of furniture. And it is thanks to these characteristics that the classic high-end furniture becomes immediately recognisable: they speak for it the details, the workings, the materials, the harmony that shines through the overall vision. Besides the choice of the best raw materials, what distinguishes beyond any other consideration the classic furniture is the respect of a centuries-old tradition and artisan know-how that becomes a real and valid form of art.

The art in the design of classic furniture

As we mentioned just above, the inlays can be compared to paintings in which the colours are replaced by the skilful combination of different wooden essences. Because this is, in fact, what the classic luxury furniture represents: a real art form, the ability to shape the material and give it a soul. And if the inlay is a painting of great loveliness, can we instead compare the carving to the expert hands of a sculptor who from raw materials draws inspiration for shapes that seem almost alive? Here then crowns of flowers are born from the wood, and baroque swirls and garlands that frame and embellish each piece of furniture. The tip of the brush expresses the art of the decorator, in the precision of geometric compositions or in the mastery of decorations that lead to distant and fascinating worlds. Everything else is made shiny by another art, whose materials are precious metals made very thin leaves: obviously, we speak of the gold leaf and the silver sheet applied with mastery by hand to give the last breath of life to these beautiful creations.

The tradition in the design of classic furniture

When it comes to the design of classic furniture, tradition is not only expressed in that craftsmanship that sees their origins in the past centuries and is handed down from artisan to craftsman, but also in the design of the furnishings. The inspiration for the creation of classic furniture comes directly from the great examples of the past, from those furnishings that have made a beautiful show of themselves in the most refined and elegant palaces of Europe in past centuries. Harmony, proportions, luxury are the characteristics of these furnishings, the real models of unequalled refinement: while addressing the needs of a modern audience, today’s creations will have to look at these pieces of art, finding the right balance between current needs and beauty of a style that becomes culture.

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