Vimercati Contemporary: the line of luxury furniture that winks at modern style

  • Modern furnishings, classic luxury

A new Vimercati line that combines the luxury of classic furniture production with the modern taste

From the excellent production experience in the world of classical furniture comes a proposal that combines the luxury and sophistication of craftsmanship with a more modern and clean taste: we are talking about the Contemporary line, the latest addition to the Vimercati house, able to satisfy the demands of an ever-wider public.
The Contemporary line shares with the classic Vimercati products craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection in every detail, with a specific taste for decoration even though it is more strictly formal.
In short, beauty shows in the most minute details and we give attention to every surface in order none is ever present without personality: on the contrary, all of them possess a strong character, which can demonstrate their refinement at first glance.
Hence, the Contemporary line is dedicated to an audience with a modern taste that wants to create at the same time welcoming, warm and refined environments, unique in their composition.

Precious materials and craftsmanship: the luxury according to Vimercati

The basis of every craft production signed by Vimercati is of course craftsmanship, a must in the actual production of high-quality furniture. Expert carpenters give life to what we can actually consider unique pieces, in which perfection is an essential characteristic.
This is why we entrust our furniture to the hands of workers worldwide recognized for the quality of their productions: such is the furniture made in Italy, and this is the tradition we want to carry on with the Contemporary line, just as we have always done with our productions aimed at the classical world, which now spread on every continent and are increasingly appreciated.
The selection of materials naturally accompanies the skill of the craftsmanship: for all Vimercati furnishings, we employ only the best essences and the most beautiful fabrics.
We always use raw materials that can give each production the peculiar refinement and luxury that are a trademark for our collections, whether it be our catalogue furnishings or any tailor-made items: the strictly artisanal and on order production, in fact, allows a high degree of customization of the furnishings, which can thus adapt to the most diverse tastes and environments giving them a touch of class and exclusivity.

Refined and elegant, the Contemporary line for a relaxed but always polished atmosphere

When we started imagining the Contemporary line, the idea was to give life to a production that combines the luxury of our proposals with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, made of refined relaxation, a place to live according to the needs and rhythms of modern life, but without ever giving up the elegance and desire of an environment that reflects the character of those who live there.
To this idea we gave life with a collection that we can define a successful combination of all these needs, in perfect Vimercati style: and this is how even this line has already begun to make its entrance into the most elegant villas and apartments throughout the world, whether it is contract furniture or whether you are talking about single rooms or furnishing accessories.

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