Baroque luxury living room: rich golden carvings recreate atmospheres of the Seventeenth

Luxury living room in baroque style

Baroque luxury living room: the successful of a royal style

Luxury, richness, will to break the rules of the classic tradition to create something that is in itself show, exhibition, amazement: are these the own characteristics of the baroque style, that well we find espresse in this baroque luxury living room of Italian craftsmanship realization. In it we find in fact well summarized all the properties that have contribute doing of the baroque style one of the most known and admired art form even today.Especially, in furniture field the baroque style provides for the relinquishment of straight shapes, rigorous, regulars, preferring to them those curved and deformed:
impossible to catch with one only glance all the complexity of the baroque shapes, that it demand instead at the eye to follow the evolution, unraveling the knots and interlaces that make a rich texture.
Majestic, rich of carvings and decorations, designed to amaze and create stir, the baroque furniture are thought to furnish equally Majestic rooms.
But which are then these main characteristics?
Let’s find out them admiring these luxury living room, that is a beautiful expression.

Baroque luxury living room: the soul of a style

The first characteristic of the baroque can be summarized in desire of appear: shape and substance merge, the furniture become a picture of itself and of its own place inside the society. Here is the attention already given to the general impact: it’s enough one only look to let itself fascinated by the scenic presence of these sofas and armchairs that compose this luxury living room. The royal shapes, the contrast between gildings and elegant red fabric, the complex carvings catch the glance and arouse the admiration of those who look.
The lines of this luxury living room are then curved, a own passion of the baroque style: there is nothing that unfolds on a straight line, each element take unexpected and irregular directions. A characteristic that well combines with the complexity, other typical feature of the baroque furnishings that is well highlights in this luxury living room: every detail is worked and embellished to create splendor in the viewer because, it’s appropriate to say, the baroque essence is the specacular quality of the everyday life, that become itself a type of a wonderful and exciting representation. Stage for this luxurious show can not be other than furnishings of great richness, that are not only backgrounf, but they become themselves actors and, rather, protagonists. The scenic effect is in fact another of the cornerstones of the baroque furnishing, once a time well represented in this luxury living room.

Baroque luxury living room: furnishings and complements

Here then in this luxury living room the three seater great sofa with its carvings and the complex plays of volumes that make the composition move: spirals that intertwine, rich mouldings and gildings contribute to creat a luxurious effect, exactly like that of the furnishings that dressed the realms and noble palaces rooms of the Seventeenth Century.
A feeling underlined by the beautiful red silk with gold decorations chosen to covers cushions, bands and back.
This last alternates carved elements and upholstered parts with capitonné working, joining in this way majesty and comfort.
Same characteristics and finishings also for the armchairs, that remember closely the shape of a throne, and for the upholstered pouf. To note the back of armchairs and sofa, with a refined silk with plissé manufacturing, fixed in the middle by a silk rose.
Complete this luxury living room the central coffee table and the two corner coffee tables with golden carvings and black marble top. The table lamps, also in carved and golden wood, are baroque style and have the lamp shade in fabric coordinated with that used for the living room.

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