A great mirror in baroque style for luxurious rooms

Mirror in baroque style: an essential element

Why is the mirror in baroque style an essential element in a self-respecting classic luxury environment? First of all because the presence of great mirrors in a room gives brightness to the environment, it widens the spaces and creates pleasant games of light and images: the mirror always fascinates and intrigues, managing to be also in the centre of fables and legends. Mirror must the great protagonists as it is here with the mirror in baroque style that, like all the realized furniture complements following the baroque dictates is in the middle of the stage. Big, with the complex and moved silhouette, richly carved and embellished by finishes in gold, this mirror is without any doubt one of the elements that can do the difference inside the furniture of a bedroom.

The combination between toilette and mirror in baroque style

The natural combination of the mirror in baroque style is without any doubt the toilette: this furniture complement is in fact an element that characterizes the bedrooms of luxury, uniting the concreteness of the function to a great scenic presence dictated by the great dimensions and by the carvings, inlays and gilding that often accompany it. The mirror in baroque style is studied to suit the classic toilette, so that two combined elements give themselves strength and size. They share in fact the complexity of the shapes, as the baroque style requires, but also there are the precious finishes. We shouldn`t forget a common point of all the furniture in this style and the ability of leading the spectator in a dimension of wonder and admiration. It is an astonishing theatrical show which is worth looking.

Luxury and exclusiveness: the mirror in baroque style with carvings

The mirror in baroque style, like the toilette, have clear index of luxury and exclusiveness: that is why it is well go with complements of furniture that can hold their head, creating so an environment on the same elegant time, of character and refined. Inevitably the great bed king size with head carved and stuffed with working capitonné, can be accompanied with a luxurious baldachin to wall that frames it. By the sides, the bedside tables co-ordinated to the toilette, make a beautiful exhibition of the bench combined with the head of the bed. A true style masterpiece.

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