King-size beds in style: the fascination of the carvings

The carvings, protagonists of the king-size beds in style

Among many elements and details that characterise the king-size beds in style, the carvings are the undiscussed protagonists: and what kind of bed in style could be if it doesn’t show a little intervention of the engraver? In fact this is the fascination of the most beautiful carvings that adorn the king-size beds in style: the fact is that they are created by expert hands of craftsmen able to give to the wood shapes that seem alive, create the flowers, to make climbing ivies and acanthus leaves as soft tangles on the wooden columns. A true artistic dowry that makes each production different from all others, is no doubt manual production and therefore unique. Accurate work, of great skill and of high artistic, possible value only thanks to an experience that lasts a life, on the contrary, more: that is transmitted by generations, almost like a part of the DNA.
Everything shines in the most beautiful working of the king-size beds in style that really take life from this work: it incises the majority or fewer complexes and paragraphs, but always treated up to the least detail able to exchange radically with their presence the whole composition.

The details decree the luxury of the king-size beds in style

As it has been said before, in the king-size beds in style each detail is treated by extreme care and it estimates, also that is more hidden and apparently more insignificant: on the other hand, a true luxury production is distinguished really therefore, attention is put into each detail. The work is unwound like a true mission: giving life to perfection in each creation, making it unique.
To underline such a perfection of the king-size beds in style there are the finishes, manual and most refined, that also compete it: we have for example the leaf gold and there silver leafs, which they consist of, the application of thin sheets of this jewelry material on the surface from the wood. But we have also the most natural finishes, which allow the wood to express in its tonality extolled by the workings, or the particular white effect on gold, that with the leaf gold combines a further passage with white finish that leaves a luxurious result.

King-size beds in style and Italian handicraft

No doubt that the creation of king-size beds in style is one of the points of excellence reached at the high Italian artistic handicraft: a production recognized all over the world like the highest example of classic furniture, the presence is deserved in the most beautiful villas and in the most luxurious flats of all the continents. A passion for the king-size beds in style, testifying the vitality of a production of luxury whose fascination resists during the centuries.

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