Furniture Luigi XVI and the charm of the classical

The style Luigi XVI, to be placed in the wider phenomenon of classicism, is a reaction to the most theatrical Baroque style, which have made show of himself throughout the fifteenth Century, coming to impress also the furniture of the age Luigi XV. A decisive reaction, but without estreme stances: if the gaze is directed towards the typical features of classical, in fact, Baroque and Rococò echoes remain, giving to the furniture with style Luigi XVI a magnificence and an attention to the details completely Baroque. Furniture Style Luigi XVI set against a refined elegance to the virtuosity driven to its extreme consequences of the previous period, simplifying shapes and decorations, for which it draws now to a repertory that is inspired to the arts Greek, Egyptian and Roman, but also to the typical production of the Italian Renaissance. So here that on the furniture style Luigi XVI, widespread in particular in the second half of sixteenth Century, are unraveled greeks, ribbons and garlands, bloom large floral arrangements and peep out curls and arabesques. The richness of the decorations that adorn every piece of furniture is no longer geared to redundancy, but to the elegance of the shapes and to the ideal of harmony and balance typically classic. A refined and aristocratic style that find expression in the production of italian furniture handcrafted luxury Vimercati, which to the lovers of the style Luigi XVI proposes the collection White & Gold night and White & Gold day, now also in new release walnut and gold, in addition to the dining room Luigi XVI Versailles.

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