Interior Mebel: The Ukraine celebrates furniture Made in Italy

They could not miss Vimercati furniture at Interior Mebel in Kiev – Ukraine, that for the second edition is already an event of major importance in classical and modern furnishing.
To have a starring role, is just the big and appreciated traditional Italian furniture, that can offers products and solutions of the highest order both in the proposal of modern and contemporary furniture both in the field of classical furniture luxury style: there were all the major brands of Made in Italy, that see in this refined Ukrainian Fair, the possibility of opening to the East Europe growing market, and the possibility of a solid bridge to the Russian world, great estimator of Italian products. Thousand of architects, designers, dealers and retailers, but also final customers and simple enthusiasts between 20 and 23 February have crowded the halls of the IEC, the exhibition centre in Kiev, to know the last trends, to visit the stands and to take part to the numerous events, like the one dedicated to the “Mise en table”, that is how to make the table a sensory experience, the workshops of the IED on lighting and sharing of know-how, but also the gala concert of the La Scala Theatre Academy, which has delighted the guests with Mozart, Verdi, Puccini.
Vimercati production was included also just in this cultured and refined atmosphere, which on this occasion have decided to show a Bed style 700 italiano, characterized by the capitonné headboard with the frame and the coping having rich hand carving, all enriched from gold leaf and silver leaf finishing. To the bed were matched walnut carved night tables and chest of drawers, also style 700 italiano and with carved and gilded particulars, besides the big wall mirror. To complete the bedroom, could not miss an elegant desk: this model style Luigi XV, always in walnut wood with carved and gilded particulars, is well matched to the composition submitted.
Many visitors both among the insiders and among private – to all of them deserve the thanks of Vimercati for the interest – and great also the attention for this classical furniture proposals, that in this market continue to be appreciated and sought.

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