Classic armchairs: refined thrones for luxury living rooms

classic upholstered armchairs

Classic armchairs: the baroque style

The queen of luxury classic armchairs is undoubtedly the baroque armchair, designed as a real throne can impress the richness and sophistication of its finishes. The classic armchairs are especially rich in carvings and gilding, with specially designed shapes to impress with their majesty: floral, leaves and curls swirls soft that run across the property signing of furniture with a strong scenic connotation, suitable for massive environments and to be compared to other equally complements of character.
Decorated in baroque style they do not go unnoticed classical armchairs: lush carvings and rich gilding adorn the entire structure of the armchair, which has a tall and imposing back and arms that open to the exterior to allow those who sit on it a comfortable posture. Perfect finishing with fine burgundy and gold fabrics, baroque classical armchairs maintain their dramatic power even with other hues fabrics.

Classic armchairs: carved models

If the baroque classical armchairs impose themselves at the sight with their gift shapes, no less luxurious the other carved patterns that, while not reaching the compositional richness of baroque models are distinguished by the beauty of the workmanship and the exclusive finishes. A distinctive feature of these classic chairs is of course the carvings that soft unfold over the whole profile, wrapping everyone who’s sitting on them.
The handmade by Italian craftsmen carvings that decorate these classic chairs are normally presented with gold or silver leaf finish, a process that consists in applying a thin gold leaf or silver making to the surface of the wood. An ancient and unique technique that gives these classic chairs all the charm of a luxury unique product.
The choice of fabrics and precious embroideries: here presented in a bright blue, carved classical armchairs can adapt effortlessly to the dominant hue of the environment.

Classic armchairs: padded soft

Morbid classic chairs are the perfect combination of stage presence and comfort. Their soft and comfortable look is a feast for the eyes, thanks to the sophisticated capitonné: this ancient technique that can only be done manually consists in fixing the padded fabric with buttons that give movement to the composition.
The different models of classic upholstered armchairs can meet every need is therefore proposed as the tufted matching carved and accompanied with details in gold leaf finish, or models who renounce the notches the richness of the fabrics, perhaps alternating pleated parts, tufted and smooth.
All classic upholstered armchairs, sharing the richness of the finishes, are the choice of precious fabrics and artisan craftsmanship: characteristics that make them true luxury products.

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