Bathroom furniture and classic décor: a successful marriage

Bathroom furniture: the pool

An unexpected association between bathroom furniture and classic furniture

The bathroom furniture was still the last frontier to conquer in the classic-field: if for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, studies, halls and so the classic furniture was already one of the major players, the last areas such as the kitchens and, of course, the bathrooms were still to be converted to classic luxury. For the first few new models that combine high joinery, the most modern hardware and luxurious classic finishes have successfully solved the question: were missing only the bathroom furniture. Here then customized projects to luxurious interiors combine versatility, because every bathroom can dress luxury and exclusivity without compromise.
Even more than it already happens for the other rooms, the bathroom furniture in fact require the seamless integration of aesthetic and functional aspects, whether you are talking about the bathrooms for guests or for the common rest of the house. And what about when the bathroom that also includes a swimming pool or an area dedicated to well-being?

The luxury of relaxation with bathroom furniture in classic style

To realize bathroom furniture in classic style means to give shape to a room that not only has the function to cure hygiene, but which can also become the center of relaxation and rest. Everything must therefore be designed and edited for maximum comfort of use: the bathroom frequently hosts the most diverse objects, from those for personal hygiene to cosmetic creams and the towels or whatever. What we want to keep in open spaces and what should be contained in discrete cabinets? And these will in turn be exposed or recessed so that whoever enters the bathroom does not perceive what that is? To all these questions you will have to answer in the phase of bathroom furniture design that fits perfectly aesthetic taste, space, technical requirements and operation of those to whom they are intended. All without ever giving course to the peculiarities of luxury classic style.

Bathroom furniture: here is contract

When bathroom furniture is needed for example for a hotel, the design phase will take into account the adopted style, as of the rooms and of course all those precautions that can make pleasant and relaxing usage of the bathroom by those who are traveling and therefore that they are having to come to terms with a space is not their own. A good design of bathroom furniture will in this case win the challenge to make everyone feel at ease as if he were at home, easing the hardships of the journey in a refined and relaxed atmosphere.
If the contract is mandatory in the case of luxury hotels and accommodations, if the bathroom furniture should really include, for example, a pool or indoor relaxation areas: exclusive spaces require a special attention and a project that manages to combine the different environments seamlessly, for a balanced result that includes the perfect lighting study.

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