Classic doors, a luxury setting for our lives

Classic doors: wood

Classic doors: functionality and aesthetics

Classic doors are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics: they are discrete or spectacular, have standard measures or large portals, they can be retractable or folding, their function within the home is vital from the point of view both practical and aesthetically. That is why the time spent on selection and defining the details of the classic doors required to be supplied to an environment is always a well spent time.
Be fascinated by the classic doors is not at all difficult, indeed: just look at their carvings, the wood species, gold or silver finishes, the inlays, the beautiful frames, the skillful game that features wood of the different models and you have already fallen in love with them. The choice of the classic doors, however, cannot be limited by the aesthetics of the door: it is essential that its features harmonize perfectly with its surroundings.

The classic doors and harmonization with the environment

The style of the classic doors must therefore be guided by a precise stylistic choice: Normally it is aimed to harmonize the classic doors with the rest of the environment, especially if we have to pull the door to a wall panel. There is also the possibility of making original choices and great visual and stylistic impact. For example, classic doors brightly colored or richly carved and inlaid: a sort of rupture within the environment that may be provided in combination in coordinated furnishings – and in this case the door becomes the absolute focal point of the room – or even one of the outstanding elements of a decor. In all cases, and in the last, in particular, it is apparent that the choice of the classic doors becomes one of the key steps in the creation of a house style.

Classic doors: a matter of style

Speaking of style, when it comes to classic doors we do not naturally speak of a monolithic block of proposals similar to each other. Indeed, the classic ports are as numerous as environments that are going to be decorated. Elements of communication between different environments, jealous chests of our intimacy, important items of furniture or discrete scenes, must know how to be silent, whether that is accompanied with a slow movement, whether they must respond to energy of an enthusiastic input. A quality door, whatever its style, will stand out for its ability to last over time notwithstanding the weather changes and humidity, but the classic doors add something more: style. Carvings that recall the decoration and furnishing of the paneling, precious woods, gold leaf or silver leaf finishes that make them the stars of luxury and very personal environments.

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