Luxury chairs: the classic style gathers around exclusive tables

Luxury chairs: wood and gold

Luxury chairs as distinctive gifts furnishings

Luxury chairs are one of the features of the luxury facilities: an environment cannot be exclusive if the chairs do not meet aesthetic and quality standards of the highest level, which emphasize in a manner befitting the importance of the entire furnishing. Not for nothing did the highest symbol of royalty, in addition to the crown, it was always the throne, a true example of luxury chairs.
Luxury chairs are always a fundamental element, which needs due attention. Thanks for their forms and finishes they can indeed become absolute protagonists themselves, making every guest feel part of an exclusive event and high class. Or may, give the room unique warmth.

Luxury chairs: the great styles of the past in today’s villas

Luxury chairs made according to the classic canons take direct inspiration from the greatest examples of the past: just think of the style of Louis XVI, which goes back to the most beautiful examples of architecture and interior design of ancient Greece, or even more to the Empire by Napoleon, which aims to emphasize elegance, grandeur and exclusivity. On the other hand, the style Louis XV as the Louis XVI style see the light between 1600 and 1700 into Europe with the aim to produce exclusive furniture dedicated to the noble classes and the royal families. Luxury chairs are still on the list of the most admired and appreciated features worldwide.
That is why luxury chairs inspired by these masterpieces of the past means bringing in life and in contemporary environments an important part of those same lifestyles, of that elegance and refinement that still fascinates us today when we visit the rooms of palaces and royal buildings.

The role of crafts in the production of luxury chairs

To characterize the luxury chairs, in addition to the choice of the finest essences and the finest silks, are of course the construction characteristics: we talk about the shape and padding, of course, you must ensure that whoever sits there gets maximum comfort and has a correct posture for long periods, so as to allow to fully enjoy of lunch and dinner and pleasant conversation that can arise around a table. But we also speak of carvings, decorations and gilding that distinguish these luxury chairs: made by hand by skilled craftsmen this valuable work they do each of these creations as a unique and unrepeatable. Friezes, scrolls and capitals, soft flowers and curls are real masterpieces that can be expressed in the heat of precious woods or be highlighted by finishing in real gold, which gives them a valuable brightness.

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