A classic showcase born of the charm of a dreamlike Oriental world in the period of Louis XV

Classic showcase

A classic showcase destined to leave the signal

A classic showcase that certainly breaks the normal with respect to what we usually imagine when we talk about classic decor: This is the classic showcase of Chinoiserie collection, a real gem that takes direct inspiration from a particular strand of the Louis XV style. The taste and rich decoration of this period, in fact, the so-called chinoiserie combine fascination for a magical and exotic East, immersed in an almost dreamlike and idealized. That is why this attraction is so exotic, far away from the discounted fees of daily life, refined and elegant, it comes to life from these creations that today represent an interesting line of the Louis XV style as amazing as it was then. It is, moreover, a perfect example of this great classic showcase, which visual impact is indisputable: here is all the charm of this particular style, refinement of craftsmanship, the artistic quality of the decorations, the quality of best essence, the gloss of black lacquered finish, the splendor of gold. All this, combined things in a truly unique creation, can transform the impact of an entire environment with its presence.

The classic showcase of the collection Chinoiserie as a separating element

It is evident at first glance that this classic showcase is a pleasing element breaking into a classical environment. It is enough to admire the very special finishes that characterize it: swaying shapes, black lacquer, decorations, gildings, all contribute to make this classic showcase in the style of furniture a very impressive product. On the other hand, this was the role of these furnishings even when they were conceived in Louis XV’s time, when the fascination by magical and dreamlike Oriental life made the western courts full of such masterpieces.
The Chinoiserie collection, in addition to this classic showcase, also includes several other furnishing accessories ranging from the dresser, showcase and retro sofa to such objects as vases and lamps. The role of all these elements is usually to act as a breaking element within a classic environment, which creates a pleasant contrast while at the same time integrating itself into perfection.
What is the reason for this alchemy? Although they look so different, these furnishings – including the classic showcase – share a common basic structure and the same approach to carved details and gilding. That is why, while apparently distant from the impact, they are able to create a harmonious, moving and decisively interesting environment.

For the classic showcase, hand-painted decorations

One of the most an obvious and fascinating aspect of this classic showcase is the decorations that we see on doors and sides: these are beautiful scenes inspired by imaginative and idealized eastern settings, bamboo canes, trees and dreamlike architecture.
The beauty of these decorations is enhanced by the fact that the wooden structure, carvings and gildings, are made by the hands of experienced craftsmen in Italy: painting with brush tip, these real paintings, making each classic showcase a unique piece in order to be proudly displayed in the most refined and luxurious living rooms.

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