The inlaid tables: painting on wood

Inlaid tables, the greatest protagonists of every dining room

No doubt that inlaid tables are a real art form: one of the most stupefying and enchanting handmade arts consists in creating a painting without using a brush, but cleverly and wisely combining different wooden essences. This is why the inlay always occupies a place of all respect in every luxury production. A great Italian master, Maggiolini, admired by every European court, has been able to give its own name to a style characterized by the presence of elaborated inlays, which are comparable with real pictures.
Having said that, no wonder if inlaid tables are the greatest protagonists of the most luxurious dining rooms: their size, which is often considerable, allows the wood carver to work on a large surface and to create complex and powerful compositions.

Inlaid tables of Italian handmade manufacture

By finely combining several essences of different shades, the hands of the craftsmen manage to create the real artworks that adorn the inlaid tables. As with every other element or working that characterizes the classic luxury furniture, these creations are possible only because of the craftsmen’s skills, experience and passion: this is why made in Italy productions are unique, appreciated worldwide and represent a unique asset, exportable everywhere in the world. Only a perfect marriage between artisan manufacture, artistic property, industrial vocation and local tradition could give birth to these inimitable productions.
These are the reasons why made in Italy inlaid tables have earned a place of honour in the most elegant and refined dining rooms, also in the great compositions dedicated to the banquets.

Classic environments characterized by stylish furniture and inlaid tables

The perfect environment to host these inlaid tables is a classic one, with no doubt: although they are the true protagonists of the room, stylish mirrors and chest of drawers, small halls of conversation, bars or fireplaces are essential in order to create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere.
Without mentioning the inlaid tables’ real complements: we are talking about chairs, both normal or head chairs. Made with esteemed materials and attentively worked, they often present carvings, combined with the table’s ones, gilding and other luxury elements. The result is a harmonious, elegant and scenographic set, perfect for stylish lunches and dinners.

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