Classic sofas: the art of decorating a luxury living room

Classic sofas: laborated retro

The choice of classic sofas for a luxurious stay

Whatever is the style of decor of the living room, choosing the right classic sofa is an essential element in the creation of the environment, because it is the first piece of furniture that catches your eye, and also it is destined to host the your guests during the meeting. While choosing classic sofas the first priority is given to the aesthetic side, which must be of great impact, elegant and accurate in every detail, but without forgetting the comfort.
First comes the style: the classic furnishing can be chosen either in a variant when every element is coordinated to others or, conversely, contrasting with the upholstery. You can for example choose between the majestic model of Baroque, or opt for more sober creations embellished with gilded carvings and beautiful capitonné or still choose classic shapes but with leather trim that makes them more modern and at the same time luxury.

Classic sofas: the characteristics of an exclusive production

To be sure that your classic sofas are a true luxury production worthy of decorating upscale salons, there is a series of ever-present feature: the first, of course, is the perfection of creation. Classic sofas that are observed will be equally spectacular both from the front and in the back. An example of this attention can be the classic sofas of Baroque collection, which not only has complex machining pleats on the back, but they are also embellished with a rose of fine cloth.
The second element that characterizes luxury classic sofas is the choice of precious fabrics, with machining and exclusive finishes. One of the features in this direction is the tufted back, the padding through the application of buttons that give the typical “quilted”: a unique and valuable process because it can only be done by hand.
Another feature to note is the presence of gold or silver leaf finish in the classical sofas: even these are in fact handmade details and ensure the uniqueness of the result.

Classic sofas and complements: with matching or contrasting

It is necessary to choose the classic sofas that can be positioned at the center of big spaces leaving some space to accessories. They can be coordinated with the style of classic sofas or be in contrast with them, both in style and colors.
If the first option is the simplest, as it allows you to create harmonious and cozy environment, choose to create a room in which the elements are contrasting may however have the advantage of uniqueness and character: in fact it creates a strong personality, as in forms as in colors chosen. The decision to turn to professionals who know what to do in order to make the choice of classic sofas in both the selection of other accessories in this case becomes even more important: that is why Vimercati is always available to architects, interior designers and customers to find the solution together to measure that fully meets every requirement and furnishing taste.

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